The Festival


Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students' 20th anniversary ends with a big festival! Bring all your friends and make sure to come to the festival!

There will be a mix of activities during the days, and pub, concert, Gasque and clubs in the evenings. Food, drinks and snacks will also be available throughout the festival. Take your studies with you out, take a break with some activity and have fun in the evenings! It's something you do not want to miss!

When? May 18th-21st
Where? Exercisfältet (the field in front of Ångström, house 10)
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What Can You Expect?


We inaugurate the festival! Be there or be square! 12.15 is the time to remember! "Fredagsfikat" will also visits during lunch. Have a cinnamon bun in the sun!

The day continues with a coffee tasting offering interesting flavours and trivia. It will be held at 15. No registration required. In the evening, an On the Track pub is held! At 20 JaXstianZ takes place at the stage and plays, do not miss it! If you also want to sing yourself, the evening ends with karaoke!

Serving takes place in the tent between 11 and 23.


The day starts with brunch in the tent from 11 am!

In the afternoon, you can take part in a non-alcoholic tasting of various exciting drinks! The tasting runs from 13 to 17 and no registration is required. You will get to try 8 exciting soft drinks for only SEK 60! For a nostalgic evening, a songbook pub is arranged where you will be able to sing both well-rehearsed songs and songs that you may not have sung so many times?! There will also be a quiz that throws us back in time! Throughout the evening, a collection of competitions will also be held, which we call "the not so Olympic Games"! There will be exciting prizes!


Do you want to be challenged? Come to the triathlon competition which is organized in collaboration with Campus1477 between 13-16! You can buy food and drink all day!

Do you want to listen to Tomas Rimeika with band? Be sure to be in the area from 18.30! Later in the evening there will be a magical concert with songs like Helt seriöst, Spontanitet and Tippa på tå! At 20 it is time for Kaliffa to play! You can even go to the 02-club afterwards!

To go to a concert and / or club, you need to buy a festival band. More information below.


Tivoli Day! There will be a whole lot of different activities, everything from balloon darts to sumo wrestling. If you want to try skee-ball, it is also possible! There will also be a rock-paper-scissors tournament!

To maximize the day, of course, cotton candy, popcorn, food and drink can be bought all day. Tivoli takes place between 11 and 16. In the evening, it's time for the big Jubilee Gasque in the tent! A party in honor of the union organized with entertainment by Kastrullkompisarna, Uthryck and the anniversary committee itself! More information can be found in the Facebook event! Be sure to sign up here!

After the session, it's time for 02 club! If you went to the Gasque, the club is included, otherwise you need to have a festival band or buy one at the door! More information below!

Festival band

Festival bands will be valid as entrance fee to the Kaliffa concert and clubs on Friday and Saturday. It is possible to pre-sell the festival bands. The festival bands break the queue until 19.30 on Friday and 23 on Saturday, but it is also possible to buy bands at the door. Nation / union card and identification is required to buy a band. The festival band is personal.


Pre-sale of festival bands takes place:

  • Wednesday and Thursday at 11.30-16 at the festival area


  • Advance purchase and Friday until 22: SEK 250
    • This price includes Kaliffa concert, club on Friday and club on Saturday
  • Friday after 10 pm: SEK 200
    • This price includes clubs on both Friday and Saturday
  • Saturday: SEK 120
    • This price includes club on Saturday

A warm welcome to UTN's final anniversary celebration! See you on the exercise field in front of the new Ångström 18-21 May!

Questions? Contact us by email ([email protected]) or social media (@ utn20jubileum)!